Shude University of Science and Technology for South Taiwan’s first technical college for the restructuring of the University of Science and Technology School. The school motto is “academic, intellectual, happy, and hope”. It aims to cultivate students with both academic and intellectual qualities, and strives to advance to the world-class university of science and technology. The planning of the school curriculum emphasizes the diversity of practical applications and the flexibility of student selection autonomy. To adapt to the development of future employment market trends in line with the considerations, so that students can apply their knowledge.

Facing the ever-changing high-tech competitive era of knowledge-based economy, industry changes in the transition, education is to highlight the best proof of personal expertise, but also enhance the status of individual social and economic methods. The concept of lifelong learning is generally accepted by everyone, have a higher education, with more superb professional ability is the pursuit of the goal. In order to improve the quality of the nation’s human resources, the school has set up an Advanced Learning Institute and a Training College from the beginning of the academic year of the 95th year to support the young people and the working population in enriching their life and career. Meet the needs of the community, the students complete the required graduation scores can be obtained bachelor’s degree / associate degree.


In recent years, due to the change of industrial structure and economic environment in Taiwan, it is urgent for the industry to enhance its competitiveness. “Reflow Education” and “Lifelong Learning” by the Ministry of Education. The school aims to set up an Advanced Learning Institute and a Training College in the 95th year. The main objectives are as follows:

(1) the provision of suitable training pipeline to address the thirst for knowledge of the industry needs.
(2) through the development of talent to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
(3) Implement the policy of “Reflux Education” and “Lifelong Learning”.

Future Development

In addition to the School of Design, Children and Family Services, Leisure Business Management, Marketing Management and Operations Management, which are currently supported by specialist training schools, we hope to expand the establishment of other divisions in the future so as to upgrade the professions of other related industries Capacity and technology; another cooperation with existing enterprises, the still hope to expand the diversification of the industry, uphold the concept of cooperation towards the following goals:

(1) Extension of the establishment of special education schools / departments.
(2)the expansion of existing partners and related industries.
(3)to meet the needs of the industry to provide academic research theory.
(4) to jointly enhance the industry’s technology research and development capabilities.
(5)schools and industry-school close exchanges.